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After Surviving a Violent Raid, Dangers Surround Mr. Fadel Safwani

Mr. Fadel Safwani

لقراءته بالعربية اضغط هنا

After the peaceful protests for human rights, that swept most of the Arab countries including Saudi Arabia in 2011, the Saudi Authorities, represented by the Ministry of Interior, issued a list of 23 wanted [1] . All of the wanted were inhabitants of Qatif city, which is the most active province in regard of the demonstrations and peaceful protests. The Wanted list issued after 319 days of ongoing protests in the eastern region since 02/17/2011, which requested the release of 9 forgotten prisoners [2] on top of the demands.

Mr. Fadel Safwani, who is unmarried and was born in the city of Awamiya on 08/27/1980, is one of the wanted individuals in the list.

The possibility of prosecution, threat of killing and arbitrary detention, made negative reflection on the life of Mr. Safwani to the extent of ending his entrepreneurship which he practiced until the date of the issued list. Being on the 23 wanted list astonished him for the of lack of notification in advance by Saudi authorities for him to hand himself over a memorandum, as the rule of law 105 confirms in chapter VII of the Saudi Criminal Procedure code issued by Royal Decree No. M/39 on date 07-28-1422 corresponding to 10-15-2001, that: (the summons shall be communicated to the person wanted for interrogation through one of the process servers or public authority officers who shall deliver a copy of the summons to that person, if available, or to an adult member of his family, residing with him).

Mr. Safwani stated “the reason for putting my name in the wanted list is due to a peaceful protest in the street which asked for our rights”, and he adds commenting on the statement of the Ministry of Interior: “protesting for legitimate rights is ensured in all international conventions, and Saudi Arabia itself has agreed on these covenants as international treats- for Human Rights- but we do not find the application on the ground of these treaties”.

The security procedures taken by the Saudi authorities against members of the 23 list, reflected badly on their safety. Mr. Safwani added “we are being hunted and we could be arrested or murdered in the street before the locale and the international community at any moment”.

On 27/02/2012 his house had been searched [3] , ” my family have been threatened with weapons and all those who were in the house were intimidated, they stole money and valuable computers in addition to a mobile phones, the security forces deliberately destroyed all that could be destroyed, even the neighbor houses were not exempt”

What happened has caused a lot of psychological and economic damage to Mr. Safwanis’ family, and is considered a clear explicit violation of the rule 40 of chapter IV of the criminal procedure code which states: (The privacy of persons, their dwellings, offices, and vehicles shall be protected. The privacy of a person protects his body, clothes, property, and belongings. The privacy of a dwelling covers any other place enclosed within barriers or intended to use as a dwelling).

In addition the home inspection in accordance with the laws must be in the presence of the sought after or his representative or the mayor of the neighborhood as stipulated in rule 46 of chapter IV of the same system: ( The inspection of a dwelling must be in the presence of the owner or his representative or an adult member of the family residing with him, and if the attendance of any of these is impossible, the inspection must be in the presence of the mayor of the neighborhood or his deputy or two witnesses. The landlord or his representative has the right to check out the warrant and to be approved in the record ).

What Mr. Safwani and the other members of the 23 list did of expressing their right in a peaceful protest in the street have been guaranteed with the universal declaration of Human Rights and the Arab charter of the Human Rights, which was adopted by the 16th Arab summit on the 05-23-2004.

As the same as other members who have been killed, shot, arbitrary arrested or tortured, Mr. Safwani is being a target of violation at any time.

For example:

On 22nd March 2012, the Saudi Authorities arrested Mr. Mohammed Alzanadi from the hospital, after suffering a serious bullet injury shot at him by the forces while he was leaving a barber shop [4] .

On 27TH July 2012 Mr. Mohammed Ashakhuri was captured after being shot in a peaceful protest [5] .

On 29th July 2013 Mr. Abbas Almuzara and others were arrested after a raid on their homes [6] .

On 29th April, 2013 Mr. Abdullah Asoraih was arrested after being shot during a chase in the downtown neighborhoods.

On 23th June, 2013 the Saudi forces shot and killed Mr. Morsi in the street.

On 26th September, 2012 the Saudi forces killed Mr. Khaled Allabbad and Mr. Mohammed Manasif, and Mr. Hassan Zahri who were accompanying him, and both were 16 years old during the raid.

The main concern is that these infringements and violations are still continued by the Saudi Authorities, Therefore Mr. Fadel Safwani and the rest of the Wanted list are lacking safety and security because they could be arrested at a raid in any moment.

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