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Al-Zayed, one of the 23 security wanted list in KSA

Ali Hassan Al-Zayed

لقراءته بالعربية اضغط هنا

Ali Hassan Al-Zayed, a Saudi national, born in 01/18/1984, lives with his family in city of Awamia, in the region of Qatif.  Ali studied in regular schools, to be joined as an employee at Saudi Aramco. Without warning, Ali found himself one of the hundreds who the Saudi regime arbitrarily arrested them during the period of peaceful protests that began in 17/02/2011, in the region of Qatif and other Saudi cities.

Ali was arrested when he was on his way back from the headquarters of the Oil Company Aramco where he work at in 17/03/2011, after having spent 95 days in arbitrary detention without being allowed any type of access to a lawyer or presented to the fair court; he was released on 19/06/2011, without any explanations about what reasons that he get arrested for, except for what is installed in the Bureau of investigation prosecution of participating in peaceful gatherings.

The Saudi Interior Ministry announced on 02/01/2012 a list of 23 wanted protestors will be jailed as soon as possible; the whole city was in state of shock as well as Ali. Ali cannot find any legal interpretation of why his name was in the list, but inclusion of himself forecast as follows, Ali says: (I think the reason they have my name in the wanted list is because of the following reason: my brother Mohammed protested peacefully, the Government requested him to arbitrary arrest unofficial and illegal by the police in the city of Awamia, and because of the corruption of legal justice of the Ministry of Defense. Mohammed was so scared that he will put in jail as same as the others, so he decided to stay away from the eyes of the intelligence of Saudi’s Regime. Therefore, they arrested my father (Hassan Al Zayed)  instead, and he was sick old age around 70 years old, just to force my brother Mohammed to surrender to Saudi’s police, so I decided to go to the detention center to give my Dad’s his heart medications and to talk to people who maybe has some mercy to not torture my father because he will fall down due to his health issues, therefore, I became one of the wanted, not because I participated in the peaceful demonstration, but the reason I was defending my Father).


Ali is one of those youngsters who seeks peaceful changes throughout legitimate ways of the new century’s movements, and expresses his thoughts and views across what he writes in daily basis on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.



Ali Facebook and Twitter accounts

Ali wrote some articles.

1.    The freedom that has been written by starving pin.


2.            The massage to our scalars.


3.            What’s next?


Ali faces at any moment the risk of death, as happened to 18 casualties, two of whom were on the list of twenty- three, or the risk of arbitrary detention. Ali’s Sister said that if I know for fact that our Saudi’s judiciary system is not corrupted, we all going to cooperate with the law of justice, thus, unfortunately dose not. Image of Tweet on account

Here are some sources who spoke about Ali and his brother Mohammed:

1.    A report issued in 2012, a researcher at the Institute for strategic studies- King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies, Abdurrahman Mohammed Al-Aqil, on pages 6 to 9


2.            A statement written by Ali on date 04/01/2012 clarify his position on the Interior Ministry statement


3.            Providing Broadcaster in channel report @SunNewsNetwork, Broadcaster Provide is @ezralevant: (spoke about (Hassan) the Father who got arrested to put pressure on his son (Mohammed) to surrender himself), minutes from 03:19 to 03:51.


4.            Human Rigths report, issued on 11/10/2011, entitled: (Saudi Arabia: Stop Arrests the Shiites).

In English: http://www.hrw.org/news/2011/10/11/saudi-arabia-stop-arbitrary-arrests-shia

In Arabic: http://www.hrw.org/ar/news/2011/10/11

5.            Report of the East Center for Human Rights issued on 13/08/2012, entitled: (Suffering of wanted from the Saudi Authorities)


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