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Al-Labbad, one of the 23 security wanted list in KSA

Mohammed and his son Issa

لقراءته بالعربية اضغط هنا

Mohammed Issa Al-labbad, a Saudi nationality, born in 05/27/1983, lives with his Family in city of Awamia, situated in the Al-Qatif region, in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia.Mohammed studied in regular schools in Saudi Arabia, then turn to entrepreneurship, he bought a fishing boat costs him SR 200 thousand ($54 thousand dollars), was confiscated by the Saudi authorities after the announcement of the list of twenty-three, without warning, he found himself one of those people who has been framed to be arrested political arbitrary, without any further background investigations, for the charges later on known as (Al-Baqi events) [1].

Then Mohammed in 03/01/2010 gave himself up to the police station in the city of Awamia, and they got him arrested. After they arrested him,the court charged him guilty for something he has never done. Participating in peaceful demonstrations which he has done that but the other charges such as, gathering, illegal strikes and sabotage Kingdom’s property. Mohammed was put in prison 415 days without allowing him to hire a lawyer or get any contact from any family members whatsoever, He has not been presented to trail, until he was released at the date of 02/20/2011.

The Government of Saudi’s declares that upon the peaceful demonstration the Saudi’s ministry of interior issued in 02/01/2012 a list of the 23 most wanted People [2]; Mohammed and others were surprised to find their names on that most wanted list.

Mohammed is one of those Youngsters who seeks peaceful changes throughout legitimate ways of the new century’s movements, and expresses his thoughts and views across what he writes in daily basis on his Facebook (Mohammed Issa Al-labbad) and Twitter accounts@mohmeed_e.

 Mohammed wrote:

1.    On 08/22/2013, he wrote about the arbitrary detainee Abbas Ali Mohamed Almuzarae, then days after he wrote more about others who got arrested as well in 07.29/2013, http://cutt.us/1oNH.

2.    On 05/10/2012, he wrote about the arbitrary detainee Aqeel Aِlshakhoor about his daily strike in prison, http://cutt.us/o3m7O.

3.    On 08/15/2012, he wrote an article entitled “Clam down Qatif” which deals with the methods of Saudi authorities to stop the peaceful movement, http://cutt.us/Thtx.

4.    His concern was most about “ arbitrarily detained” he wrote a journal recognizing dozens of illegal prisoners , under a title “prisoners without trial” an example:

·         Mofed Ali Alfaraj, a prisoner who has never put on Trial http://cutt.us/OW9i.

·         Sayyed Maged Almajab, a prisoner who has never put on trial http://cutt.us/PtMz.

·         Hussein Ali Albarbari. a prisoner who has never put on Trial http://cutt.us/IqNpQ.

In the meantime Mohammed still practicing his human rights activities peaceful through his writing and participating in peaceful demonstrations, he faces at any moment the risk of death, as happened to 18 casualties, two of whom were on the list of twenty- three, or the risk of arbitrary detention, as evidenced arbitrary arrest in the previous which lasted 415 days, without letting him to hire a lawyer or to put him on a fair trial.

However, the policehave increased targeting Mohammed and his peaceful activities, especially after the Saudi forces chasing protesters throughout streets of the city of Awamia and that led them to storming his house in illegally on 05/09/2013 [3].

[1] Report by HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH (Denied Dignity), Systematic Discrimination and Hostility towardSaudi Shia Citizens, SEPTEMBER 3, 2009


[2] Report by European Saudi Society for Human Rights (The list of the twenty three  23), August 2013


[3] Report by European Saudi Society for Human Rights: Storming which happened on Awamia city and martyrdom a young man Al-Muslab


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